How to make your house smell like home



If you're selling your house and want it to instantly feel like home, appeal to the buyer's sense of smell.  Here are three ways to make your house smell like home before a showing.

1.  Stick something tasty in the oven 

Roasted Turkey

From homemade cookies to your turkey dinner, there are many different foods that will make your buyers want to stay for dinner, dessert, and a lifetime.  The aroma of baking pumpkin pie, cinnamon rolls, brownies, or cupcakes will fill your home with the perfect scent.

2.  Make Febreze your friend

Bull Dogfebreze pic

Air freshening spray is a quick way to get rid of weird smells before an open house or showing.  Don't forget fabric freshening spray for your furniture.  Freshen the room and your furniture so it'll smell as clean as the day you bought it.  Pets have a distinct smell.  Try a pet odor neutralizing spray for your cat's litter box or pet's favorite areas.  Pets sometimes do a number on your carpet.  Yes, I'm being "punny!"  If the carpet is the cause of the odor, go wild with a carpet cleaner.

3.  Light some scented candles


Candles will diffuse any lingering, unwanted smells.  Be consistent with your choice of fragrance.  Lighting too many different scented candles is like spraying too many different perfumes or colognes.  It causes an overall unpleasant odor.  Remember, one scent has one pleasant smell.


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