Top 5 Areas to Organize in Your Home

Home Improvement

It's safe to say the majority of us are always trying to keep up with housework on top of our career and relationships. Many areas of the house get overlooked because of our busy, fast-paced lives. You can only say, "I'll get to it tomorrow" so many times before areas of your home become unbearable. Lucky for you, we've determined the top areas of your home to organize and make life simpler and more enjoyable.


1) Refrigerator/Pantry
We all do come home from a long day with bags of groceries that are quickly added to the fridge or cabinets without thought. By organizing your refrigerator and pantry by the categories that work for your family, you'll be saving yourself a lot of work by finding what you need with ease. Can't remember? Start with sticky notes.


2) Clothing
(*Cringe*) Clothing is a tough one for many. You think you have it figured out, then you're rushing to get to a meeting but can't decide if it's too warm for long pants or if you wore that blouse the last time you met with this client. Check out Marie Kondo for her brilliant ways of purging and organizing clothing to keep your own sanity.


3) Medicine Cabinet
For some of us, the medicine cabinet houses most of our small toiletries, but for others, it becomes a museum of every prescription we've had in the last five years and OTC medication we needed one time. Fear not. Throw away anything that's expired (click here for proper disposal instructions) then align items by type or owner. Small containers are perfect for small products.


4) Under the Sink
Whatever you use your space under the sink for, it could probably use a better system for organization. Much like the medicine cabinet, you'll first want to toss any products that are expired. Second, keep your products organized by use then place in small bins or removable shelves by category. This way, you'll know exactly where to find the cleaning products vs the beauty products. Bonus points for using labels.


5) Home Office
Nothing is worse than stepping into a home office that's engulfed in stacks of papers and unanswered projects. Do yourself a favor and tidy it up on regular basis by creating a system that works for you. The old saying "leave the room as it was when you came in" does wonders as long as it's organized from the start!