Top 5 Reasons to Live in Central PA

Real Estate

Are you currently looking for a home in Pennsylvania, but you’re unsure which area to settle in? It’s true, we who live here tend to be biased, but with good reason! Among several perks of living in Central PA, our area packs in history, close attractions, and stunning landscapes.

Nature’s Beauty

We are very fortunate in Central PA to have access to stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re a regular hiker of state parks, enjoy kayaking or canoeing on rivers and lakes, or simply enjoy the grace of open farmland, this area will give you what you need. Any trip up the mountain will surprise you with vistas that provide breathtaking views for miles!

A Central Hub to East Coast Attractions

Any Central Pennsylvanian will tell you how convenient it is to take a day or weekend trip to just about any attraction in the Northeast. We are only a few hours from big city life in NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh, or D.C. Cross off a few things on your bucket list with a trip to the Great Lakes or Niagara Falls. The best part? You can drive to several popular Atlantic beaches and relax in the sun with very little notice!


We may not be a big city, but we are home to the famous Hershey Chocolate Bar! The town operates one of the most loved theme parks around - Hershey Park - with more than 70 rides and attractions plus both an outdoor and indoor stadium for hosting top-notch concerts. To top it off, the town of Hershey is adorable and welcoming!

A Time for All Seasons

Our region is one of the few in the country with 4 defined seasons. While the prospect of constant sun and 70-degree weather of California is desirable, Central PA provides long warm summer days, cool and breezy fall nights, snowy winters in front of the fire, and a blooming landscape come springtime. Sometimes we even experience all 4 in one day! #blessed

The Rest is History

More than ever before, studying the history of our nation is very important. Besides living close to the birthplace - Philadelphia - we have several pieces of history right here in Central PA. You can spend days exploring the battlefields of Gettysburg, our state capital of Harrisburg, or the Amish country in Lancaster. Don’t forget to read the info signs!